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Welcome to Integrative Pathways Counseling!

Partnering on a New Path Towards

Healing and Happiness

Life’s journey contains many different paths. Sometimes, we begin our trek along a path and reach our destination with little or no challenges. Then, there are times when we walk a path that seems to be littered with boulders we are forced to scale, raging rivers we need to navigate, or deep, dark chasms we are asked to leap across in order to reach our ultimate destination.


Whatever brought you to my website, I commend you for reaching out, for considering help along your path. You have conquered the first and most important step in moving towards healing and wellness.  I will offer you a safe and supportive environment to raise self-awareness and gain insight into how you relate to yourself, others and to the world. Using my professional training and expertise I will challenge you and be your partner in finding resolution to personal struggles and guide you using evidence-based, therapeutic techniques in reaching positive change.


I will challenge you and creatively assist you in visiting the past to better understand the present.   Your journey of embarking upon a happier and more fulfilling future can begin here!  When you walk into my counseling space you'll be greeted with a smile and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.



You must be the change you wish to see in the world.   

- Mahatma Gandhi

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